Wangaratta Ski Club

The inaugural meeting of 35 budding skiers was held in August 1930 at the Wangaratta Town Hall with the intention of forming a ski club. Office bearers were elected they being Mr. J.K. Herd, President, Dr. W. Godby and Mr. E. Terry Vice Presidents, Mr. I. Steele Secretary and Treasurer and Committee members Messrs. K. Granter, E. G. Thomson, R. Gray, T. W. Campbell, Dr. J. J. Kelly. Members usually skied at Mt. Feathertop, Mt. Buffalo and Mt. Hotham staying at The Bungalow, The Chalet and St. Bernard Hospice. In July and August 1944 the Club negotiated with the Lands Department and members debated the merits of sites for a hut on Mount St. Bernard or Mt.Feathertop.

In July 1945 the members chose the St. Bernard locality and in August of that year the previously established Hut Trustees selected the present site. The site was cleared in November 1945 and a prefabricated frame was constructed in Wangaratta and later erected on the St. Bernard site. As building materials were still rationed, the Club purchased a disused tobacco kiln for corrugated iron. Nail holes were soldered up and working parties throughout the summer of 1945-46 completed the hut sufficiently to enable the first skiing party to occupy it on June 8th 1946.

Over the ensuing years the hut/lodge has been extended and improved in many stages. However it continues to retain a sense of its early years. Two ski runs were developed by members and rope tows were installed on the face of Mt. St. Bernard and on the Lodge spur both of which continue to challenge youngsters and the experienced alike.

Club members have competed in Winter Olympics, World Championships, World Loppet events and at State and National Championships. Wangaratta Ski Club is proud of its traditions and its place in the development of skiing in Australia.


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